We Distributed Holy Quran in Senegal

We Distributed Holy Quran in Senegal

As Hedef Association, we fulfilled a social responsibility in Senegal, the pearl of West Africa on the ocean coast. After the distribution of the Holy Quran by our association, this region, which is home to historical riches, gained a new momentum in terms of awareness. However, this meaningful act was not limited to the distribution of the Holy Quran. The consciousness of brotherhood and solidarity has become stronger.

Senegal has a surface area of 196,722 km² and hosts every color of life with a population of approximately 16 million. The country is 92% Muslim, which means that around 14.7 million people are devoted to Islam. However, the majority of the population has difficulties in accessing basic religious education materials. At this point, as Hedef Association, we have realized an activity that will shine the light of hope even brighter and we have realized the distribution of the Holy Quran.

With the devoted efforts of the volunteers and members of our association, it was like a feast for the students all over Senegal. This mobilization contributed to raising religious awareness, and this event was part of a mission that aims to make not only Senegal but also the whole of Africa smile. As Hedef Association, we continue to shed light on the future of the continent by supporting educational activities all over Africa, we give hope to the children of that land and we continue to spread this hope.

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