Healthy Circumcision in Malawi


While the African continent is trying to overcome many challenges in the field of health and medicine, the importance of healthy circumcision, one of the most important health issues of the region, is increasingly emphasized. In this context, the support of Hedef Association is of great importance in the circumcision organization to be carried out by the Asum association in the country of Malawi in Africa.

The circumcision organization to be carried out in the country of Malawi in the African continent is a very important step to support a healthy life. In order for this organization to be realized and completed successfully, Hedef Association provides important support.

The Importance of Hygienic Circumcision with Professional Teams

Hedef Association has taken various steps for the realization of this important circumcision organization. First of all, it supported the formation and transportation of a volunteer medical team to the field. This medical team consists of experienced professionals who have been trained to ensure that children are circumcised in a healthy manner. In addition, the necessary permissions for the official and medical processes of the organization were obtained by the Asum Association, the owner of the organization, by contacting the African state authorities.

Another important step of the organization is the collection and delivery of the necessary medical supplies for the circumcised children. Hedef Association, which supports the provision of these materials in a complete and high quality manner, supports the safe operation of the medical teams. In this way, the circumcision process is aimed to be carried out hygienically and in accordance with health standards.


Completion of Preparations

All the necessary preparations have been completed for this circumcision organization led by Asum Association. It has been strengthened with the support of the Hedef Association and has taken important steps towards achieving success.

The medical team plans to reach the African country of Malawi between 02-05 September and circumcise approximately 2000 children in a healthy way. This organization has been meticulously planned in terms of health, hygiene and medical safety, and the health of children is given the utmost importance.

This important organization of healthy circumcision in Africa, together with the support of the Hedef Association, will contribute to raising health awareness in the region, helping children grow up healthy and strengthening public health. Supporting such initiatives is one of the promising steps towards improving the overall health status of the African continent.

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